Leslee Livingston-Murray

Welcome to MACK & MYYLES Jewelry. I’m so grateful you made it to my website! 

A little about me… I’m a Los Angeles native and USC Alum. I’m a Mom of two, Jacob Mackintosh and Julian Myyles. I’m also married to a wonderful man, Shaun, who also has two boys, my bonus sons, Pierce and Austin.🖤

I've worked in healthcare for 26 years, but I've always had an affinity for fashion and accessorizing a look with unique pieces of jewelry.  The problem was that it was difficult to find quality, tarnish free jewelry at an affordable price.  The companies I purchased jewelry from in the past claimed their jewelry was water resistant and tarnish free, but the pieces always ended up tarnishing within weeks of purchasing it. So I began researching products and materials that would actually last and maintain its luster... Jewelry that I could actually sleep, shower, and swim in, and that wouldn't tarnish with daily wear.  After discovering quality materials that actually were tarnish resistant, it only made sense to explore this passion and create my own. 

My goal is to create beautiful, high quality designs at a fair price. To design everyday pieces that are ethically made without ridiculous markups, offering lasting materials, custom options, and evolving collections. Each piece is handmade with quality materials that you can wear everyday, gold filled over sterling silver or brass, water resistant pieces, that you can shower and swim in, and that will maintain its look for 3+ years with minimal care.

The jewelry you wear should speak to you and say something about you. We design meaningful pieces that step up your look and let you feel good about who you are. Everyday, personal symbols of what matters to you – many are customizable. We introduce new collections monthly, so you can tell your own story as your style evolves.

- Creator & Designer, Leslee Murray